Customized LOGO craft of backpack

The LOGO printing method in backpack customization is a frequently encountered problem. In order to strengthen the corporate culture and highlight the corporate image, LOGO printing is extremely important. In particular, the design of some companies is more complex and needs to be implemented with more difficult and more complex processes. Next, Xiamen KingHow Custom Bags manufacturer will introduce you to several printing methods often used by luggage manufacturers.


1. Backpack custom watermark printing, also known as printing, this printing method basically has no peculiar smell, its coloring power is very good, it has the characteristics of strong hiding and fastness, washing resistance, etc. When printing, use water-based elastic glue and color The pulp is blended together. No chemical solvent is needed when washing the printing plate after printing, and it can be washed directly with water. This printing process is generally charged according to the number of colors and the size of the printing area, but basically because of its low production cost, its printing price is also very moderate.

2. Customized thermal transfer printing for backpacks, most of which are printed on finished backpacks. There is also no way to print after the material is printed. Or the color of the customer’s LOGO is too complicated and it is not easy to realize it with screen printing, so this printing method is needed.

3. Customized screen printing for backpacks. This is the most frequently used printing method in the backpack industry. Because of its low cost and cheap plate making, printing adopts ink printing method. At the same time, it can also achieve three-dimensional effect and printing is relatively simple and fast. Most of them do not need the assistance of large-scale printing equipment, just spread all the materials on the printing chopping board, hand-print, and dry several procedures to complete.

4. Embroidery: Compared with silk screen printing, embroidery is more high-end, and it is generally used as a company to send customers or giel employees to give benefits. Because the embroidered logo has a strong three-dimensional effect and a round appearance, it is a relatively high-end production process, and its price is relatively higher.

5. Backpack custom digital printing, this printing method is mostly used in the printing of schoolbags for primary school students, because most schoolbags for primary school students need brighter colors. This printing method is completed by machinery and equipment, using digital color inkjet, the printing efficiency is very high, suitable for the customization of backpacks with a short construction period and a large number. Digital printing is generally charged according to area, so the cost of making large-area maps is relatively high.

Post time: Sep-23-2020

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