Our Commitment For Your Full Satisfaction


Keeping Up With Your Expectation

A sample that is being sent to the buyers must live up to their expectations as their decision would depend on the quality of that sample. At OEM when you inquire for a sample, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that you get a high-quality perfectly designed sample.

Cost Control

Generally the cost depends on the type of the fabric and the artistry of the product. When we work on a project our designers and technicians tend to optimize all the cost to come with competitive prices for you.r customer).

Improvement and Suggestions

Throughout the development of a project we keep looking into the list of suggestions to know what improvements can be done in the design of the product to make it more appealing and sellable.
Our main focus is to make your product lucrative (for you) and high-quality (for customer).

Sampling Strategy

We give our clients complete freedom of expressing their needs and stating what they are looking for when they come at OEM. After a couple of meetings it is decided that the sampling cost is either free of charge or refundable.

We understand the importance of sampling as it plays an integral part for determining the cost and quality of the product. Our goal is to craft a sales sample perfectly so as it could be set as a standard for the entire production. It is part of the job of our technician team to make a list of technical comments for the production team. We also include sales and QC teams in our pre production meeting that is lead by production team and aims at learning about the details of your order and its specificity.

Experts Advise For Price Issues


You don’t need to panic if you are finding it difficult to keep up with the price and you’re concerned about reaching your target.

Over the years, OEM has become capable of manufacturing bags that belong to all classes. We are always more than willing to help you with your price problems. With our immensely talented designers and technicians it is possible to explore more options i.e. alternative fabrics, accessories and designs to control the price of your project.

It’ll be our motto to provide you with a product that best meets your needs.

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