Your Quality Requirement


We are perfectly capable of handling any of your quality requirements. We have been in the market for years now with an established and approved system and yet we are continuously improving our standards to meet our clients’ expectations when it comes to the quality of the product.

It is therefore that our bags can be competed with all the international brands like TOV, CSCV, SGS, TUV and ITS etc.

OEM commits to the needs of the buyers and we guarantee quality of our product. Your satisfaction is our first priority. If you find yourself unsatisfied we provide you with the remake of the product or refund your money.

Looking After The Control From The Supplier To The Loading


Trust Issues Are Tackle With Our Experience

It is easy to compromise on the quality control in China. Things aren’t very transparent here as many companies tend to bribe the 3rd party quality control. To avoid that, we have hired our own team of QC and they work on their own without any interference from the factory. OEM has made sure that they are doing their jobs honestly by following strict rules for them which do not allow them to give in the temptation of making extra money.

Controlling Production From The Suppliers Up To The Loading

By quality we do not only mean quality of production, it also includes supply control before we begin the mass production. Apart from that, it is also our duty to carefully load the final packages into the container to safely deliver at your door. Therefore, our QC experts keep an eye on the entire process right from the beginning up to loading.

Various Phases of The QC Process



Sales Team

Their job includes understanding your requirements and conveying all the details in Chinese language to the sample room. They also take interest in price and expected quality level by suggesting a few improvements to the sample room.

Sample Room

Our technicians at sample room spend considerable amount of time on your needs and specifications in order to provide you with the most suitable price that will help you to reach your target price. During sampling, a list of technical comments is also formed for the mass production.

Factory Meeting

This is the pre production meeting that includes all the technicians, sales and QC who are part of your project. All the details regarding your project are discussed i.e. intricate production procedure, quality points and packaging details.

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