KingHow is a manufacturer of all bags for outdoor, sports gym, travel and lifestyle. Our main products include Baseball Equipment Bags, Fishing Tackle Bag, Hunting Bags , Shooting Bags, Ice Hockey Bags, Camping Bags, Sports Bags, Daily Backpack, Laptop Bags , Golf Bags , Baseball Gloves and so on.We have a long history as a supplier of bags and luggage for worldwide buyers. We offer a full range of services for both your OEM and ODM inquiries with competitive factory prices.


Transparency & Honesty

Building the trust what we have to do is simply to be totally transparent with you. Our team are available to give you all the details information you want to know about us, about our process or even the details of your price calculation.


Responsible Performance

Our business model is the responsibility and the performance. We understand how much risks are taking buyers while dealing with Chinese bags manufacturers. Factories should first ensure quality and good price.


Stable Quality

Our bags may comply with all International standard such TOV, CSCV, SGS, TUV, ITS, REACH etc. We guarantee our quality, if we fails to his commitment we take full responsibilities, remake the goods or refund you the money.


Moderate Price

With our rich experience, we can propose fabrics, accessories or design alternative to optimize the price to meet your target of the bag project. We will keep in mind your minimum of quality requirement in our research and solution.


On Time Delivery

Our flexible production and management system will ensure both quality and quantity, we provide the quickest delivery time in the industry to every corner in the world. Normally our leading time will be 35-40 days.


Quick Response

To be accessible, to answer quickly your emails and inquiries, to assist you in your product creation and find solutions, these are some of the ideas that KingHow is developing to bring our customer a higher satisfaction.


Talk and Exchange

When buyer start to believe that we are really committed to their satisfaction, we can begin exchanging and talking in deep of the buyer’s expectation. Our team are available to give you suggestion and solution.

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