Owning these athletic bags makes you really want to exercise

Sometimes time can feel extravagant, but taking time out to go to the gym is necessary for your physical and mental health. When your day is busy with work and social responsibilities, your best choice in your daily fitness program needs a athletic bag that can hold all your equipment without looking completely sore when you are out.

Of course, any duffel bag or backpack can hide your sweaty sportswear, but the best sports bag has multiple compartments arranged in your day, everything you need, and your running sneakers separately from your notebook Computers and exercise headphones-because let’s face it, it’s just rough. Appearance is equally important. Your gym bag should have a stylish, versatile appearance and can double as a weekend bag. Its fabric is durable and can withstand the heaviest loads.

Having an easy-to-carry bag with all your necessities makes it easier for you to plan your workouts and make it easier to double your efforts when you go to the gym, track and field, yoga studio, or any other place you might reach the starting line.

You want to find a gym bag that fits all your equipment, and that will work well during your commute from work to the gym.

First consider what kind of package you need. :

• The environment in which you will be carrying it (swimming pool, weightlifting part of gym, etc.);

• The material of the athletic bag (polyester, nylon, vinyl or leather);

• The amount of storage space you are satisfied with;

• The functionality of the bag (shoe bag, anti-theft pocket, adjustable shoulder strap);

• The maintenance it needs.

Our first choice:

Best athletic bag tote bag


If you often go to the gym before or after you go to the office and want a bag that can separate these two parts of your life, then this bag is the best choice. It has two main compartments and a smaller pocket in the middle. That smaller pocket is perfect for storing whatever you need on hand, such as a wallet, earphones or mobile phone-the point is that it is large enough to hold all of these things easily.

The two larger compartments are perfect for separating your gym and work items. The inside of one of the compartments is completely waterproof-perfect for holding any dirty clothes, swimsuits, used towels or leaking water bottles. The other side is lined with standard polyester material, big enough to hold a 15-inch laptop, and more. There is also a mesh water bottle holder and smaller zippered pockets in the compartment. All in all, if you want to keep your fitness equipment separate from other items, there is nothing simpler (but effective) than a spacious waterproof pocket.

Best backpack athletic bag


This bag has a front zippered pocket and an internal zippered pocket, as well as two small pocket pockets. There is plenty of space to hold all your exercise equipment and laptop. It also comes with a special soft-lined sunglasses bag, located outside the squeeze zone.

The main compartment can be fully opened for easy access to your sportswear and equipment. You will find extra mesh pockets inside to keep your belongings organized. The backpack is available in three different sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your daily training.

This work bag is made of high-quality, environmentally-certified leather and durable, waterproof woven fabric, made of recycled materials. Therefore, you will also be satisfied with the purchase. Most importantly, this backpack can double as your carry-on bag when traveling, and it won’t look out of place at social gatherings.

Best men’s travel bag athletic bag


If you are a person who takes exercise seriously, then you need a bag with the same attitude. This is the best large gym bag on our list, perfect for those who need to carry a lot of extra items, such as skipping ropes or resistance bands. 

There are two zippered side pockets where you can put your phone, keys or even your iPad. Then there are four main storage spaces for storing all your sports clothing, and a separate side compartment that can be expanded to store dirty clothes or shoes. If the sport you choose involves a lot of dirt and dirt, it’s perfect. A bag specially designed for those who compete through endurance training without even sweating. It can be perfectly used as a travel bag when you are out fishing or camping on the weekend.

Best budget gym bag


This athletic bag is an affordable choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The flat-sided duffel bag has a spacious central storage compartment with a side mesh pocket and a large front zip pocket for easy access. This bag has double handles that can be snapped and adjusted for easy wearing, and is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap for added versatility.

The duffel bag is designed with UA Storm technology and has a durable waterproof finish. It is available in a variety of colors and bears the iconic Under Armour logo. The bag has a capacity of 37 liters, and when it is full, it measures 22.2×10.6×10.3 inches. 

Best Convertible Gym Bag


It can easily go from a satchel to a backpack to a messenger bag, and has multiple storage compartments to organize and carry fitness and personal necessities. Put your 11-inch laptop and your sportswear and sneakers in a separate dedicated waterproof compartment, this multifunctional bag is a must-have for busy women.

This bag has two sets of convertible shoulder straps: moisture-wicking backpack shoulder strap and non-slip rubber crossbody shoulder strap. The inside of the bag has a waterproof and antibacterial lining and breathable vents to prevent sweaty sportswear from haunting you for the rest of the day.

This bag is made of Italian waterproof nylon and decorated with polished Italian leather. It offers black and gold or bronze hardware. The capacity is 15.9 liters and the dimensions are 12x9x9 inches.

Best Yoga Sports Luggage


This fully lined yoga bag is made of 100% cotton and fits standard cushions up to 24 inches. It is spacious and has enough space for personal belongings and yoga accessories. Three magnetic snaps hold the cushion in place while making it easy to access.

This bag also has internal and external zipper pockets for safe storage of items. The bag measures 30.5×6.5×11 inches with a 33-inch shoulder strap. It is available in gray and natural colors, with two different embroidery prints.

Best athletic bag gym bag


From wet pockets suitable for storing towels and clothes, to the sneaker compartment, nothing is left out of this gym bag. SBS zippers are durable and smooth, as are the mesh bags designed to protect the safety of water bottles. The detachable shoulder has some padding for ultimate comfort. The shoe is equipped with vents to prevent odors.

The Oxford fabric of the bag increases the safety much needed when exercising in a crowded gym. This material is known for its sturdy quality and ensures that your gym essentials will not be stolen at any time during the workout.

Best sports tote bag


For several reasons, this gym bag (it can be said that it is not like a standard “fit bag”) quickly became our daily bag. The first is that you can seamlessly switch between handbag style and backpack style.

The tote bag is made of waterproof Italian nylon and polished Italian leather. It has a perfect length (and uses a grip fabric so it won’t slip!), and the detachable backpack strap is very comfortable. Other main features include a yoga mat strap at the bottom of the bag, a dust bag and a built-in keychain.

There is a separate shoe compartment at the bottom of the bag, cleverly camouflaged by the leather look. There is also a waterproof compartment, so you can put all the items you use in a separate part of the bag. Remember, the wet bag is not big, but it is enough to hold a small towel and maybe a top. If you do not use the shoe compartment, you can expand the internal space of the main bag, which is very useful if you want to pack more items in the main compartment.

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