For long-distance riding, these 4 bicycle bags are worth your own

Cycling Traveling has become the first choice for many cycling enthusiasts, especially some famous roads, such as National Highway 318, Yunnan-Tibet Line, Duku Highway, etc. Every year, many cyclists set off from various places to enjoy the scenery on these roads. ! Today I will share with you a few bike bags suitable for long-distance riding!

NO.1 Bike pannier

The bicycle bag is the most commonly used for long-distance riding. If you are riding a heavy bike, it is the most indispensable equipment and bears most of the luggage storage. According to different designs, the rear pannier can be divided into one-piece pannier and split pannier.

Cycling bags

The one-piece pannier is connected with the left and right bags and placed directly on the rear shelf. Most of them are made of rain-proof canvas; while the split pannier is of a single design. Usually the purchase is based on a single price, and most of them are full Water-proof fabric, use the side best method when installing. The two kinds of pannier installation methods and materials used are different, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is hard to say that the one is better, mainly depends on personal preference!

The split pannier I used for this ride is made of fully waterproof fabric and foldable closure design. It can pass the long-term heavy rain test. I personally think it is good. Share it with everyone!

NO.2 Bicycle front pannier

Compared with the rear pannier, the front pannier will be used by a lot fewer people. Generally, you will take the mature route, such as National Highway 318. The supporting facilities are complete and there are not many things to carry. The rear pannier is enough!

But for heavy-duty riders, the front pannier is still an irreplaceable equipment. First, it can increase the storage capacity and make it possible to carry more luggage. Second, it can balance the front and rear weight, making it even more important when riding. Comfortable!

Cycling bags_1

Most of the front pannier adopts a split design, which can adapt to different shelves, because the front shelf has more changes than the rear shelf. It is recommended to choose the split pannier when buying, it can adapt to a variety of different shelves! At the same time, it is recommended that small is better when choosing a front pannier, because too many things in the front will increase the burden on the wrist and reduce the comfort of riding!

NO.3 Bicycle front beam package or upper tube package

The bicycle front beam bag and top tube bag are used very frequently, whether it is long-distance travel, heavy-duty cycling or light-packing, and daily cycling!

Cycling bags_2

Its main function is to store small items, such as mobile phones, gloves, power banks, etc. It is very convenient to take, and it will not cause inconvenience or impact on riding. It is a very practical storage equipment!

NO.4 Bicycle front bag

The bicycle front bag is relatively small, and there are fewer people using it. For daily riding, it does not need to use such a large capacity. In addition, it will increase wind resistance to a certain extent, so it is not used for daily riding. practical.

Cycling bags_3

But for long-distance riding, especially heavy riding, it is still very useful. First, it can increase the storage capacity. Second, it is more convenient and faster to pick up things than from a pannier, especially for photography hobbies. In other words, it is very easy to use, can be used to put the camera and camera lens!

When choosing a front bag, it is recommended to give priority to the bracket, so that the bag has a forward extension, and there is room to change the riding posture for the road corners, and for the mountain straight handles, it can reduce the pressure on the line pipe!

Post time: Dec-05-2020