Why custom backpack manufacturing has “MOQ”?

I believe everyone will encounter the problem of minimum order quantity when looking for manufacturers to customize backpack bags. Why does each factory have a MOQ requirement, and what is a reasonable minimum order quantity in the bags customization industry?

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The minimum order quantity for custom-made backpacks is generally set at 300~1000. The larger the factory, the higher the minimum order quantity. There are three main reasons.

1. Materials. When the factory purchases raw materials, there is also a minimum order quantity constraint. The main material generally has a minimum order quantity of 300 yards (about 400 backpacks can be made). If you only make 200 bags, then the manufacturer has to remain Inventory the materials of the next 200 bags;

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2. Costs for custom molds for backpacks and development for backpacks, whether you make 100 or 10,000 backpacks, you need a complete set of molds, a conventional bag, sample development and molds require US$100~500 mold costs , The smaller the order quantity, the more cost sharing;

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3. Cost of mass production of customized backpacks: The bags are purely manual operations. The smaller the quantity, the slower the speed of the production staff. Just familiar with a process, it is over. The staff cost is too high.

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Therefore, the MOQ is linked to the cost. For the same bag, if you make 100, the single cost will be about 2~3 times higher than 1000.

Post time: Sep-24-2020

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