Essential coolers and freezer bags for summer 2021

As summer officially begins, many people are ready to spend as much time as possible outdoors, whether it’s a picnic, camping or going to the beach. In addition to sunscreen and beach towels, one thing you might want to bring when traveling outdoors is cool. With coolers, you can keep food and drinks cool when you go out-some can also be used as tables or chairs. To help you find the cooler that best suits your needs, we have found some common types.

When you plan your next family vacation, consider which cooler is best for your adventure. For short-distance day trips and overnight accommodations, beach trips and long-distance car foldable soft-sided cold storage bags may be very suitable for your needs. For multi-night road car trips without electricity in the backyard or family gatherings, you can use a freezer or refrigerator at night, a small, light, travelable and camping trip, you may need a hard surface cooler that can be in the sun for a long time Keep ice cubes. If you hang the padlock in the hole in the corner, some hard-surface coolers can also be bear-proof.v

For your daily use, such as having a picnic with your partner or child or spending an afternoon on the beach, we have a collection of fashionable and affordable options. Many of these cold bags, lunch bags and backpacks don’t allow iced tea cans to be refrigerated all day in the sun, but they are perfect for short, close range adventures.

When you consider which kind of cooler is most suitable for your needs, please consider the size, weight, intended use, brand reputation, price and versatility. Products work, and as long as you take care of them, you may never need to replace them.

How to choose the best cool box

Depending on where you’re planning to use your cooler will affect your choice. They are often made from heavy duty plastic and insulated with polyurethane foam, which tends to keep food colder for longer. In most cases, you’ll need to add ice packs to keep the temperature down.

Cooleer bags are generally lighter than cool boxes and once emptied, you can pack them down for easier storage. You may forfeit capacity for portability as the largest bags will be the heaviest to carry when loaded – which is when wheeled options come into play. In all cases, think about size. Do you want to be able to stand a litre bottle upright inside, or perhaps you have a casserole dish that needs to sit comfortably in the base?

If you are going on a long-distance bus trip, electric refrigerated bags and boxes with cigarette lighter charging line are ideal.They increase the duration of cooling, but add more weight. Once you have decided on the type of activity you need a cool box, we recommend that you consider the following factors to buy a box that meets all your needs:

  • Weight: a cool box for keeping drinks cold in the garden can be weighty, but if you’re travelling with it over a short distance, a lighter option with wheels will be better
  • Capacity: how many people will you be catering for? The size of cool bags are often described in litres rather than people, but as a rule of thumb, 18 litres will carry between 25-28 cans, 30 litres will fit around 50, and anything above this will be large enough for a variety of food and drink vessels
  • Bag or box: if portability is the goal,
    cool bags are a much more flexible for transporting, often featuring straps for carrying it over the shoulder or as a rucksack
  • Durability: you want to be confident that a fully packed cool bag or box will be able to support the weight, and also won’t be let down by its handles, straps or wheels when you attempt to move it
  • Easy-clean inner: cool boxes should be wipe-clean and rinsible
  • Waterproof capabilities: particularly important for cooler bags if you’re taking them out and about, but also that the lining is leakproof

How to shop for a cooler

There are many different coolers on the market today. They are not only different in size and price, but also different in making materials and keeping drinks cool. Below, we highlight some of the most important things to consider when buying a cooler or insulated cooler bag.

Coolers vs Cooler Bags

Before you can shop for a cooler, you need to decide whether you want a cooler or a cooler bag.

  • Cooler bags and cooler backpacks“are great if you want something more portable” since they are typically lighter and easier to carry, “Cooler bags may be better suited for walking trips and picnics.”
  •  Coolers are typically larger than cooler bags, but they “will work better than cooler bags because they have more insulation”, “If you’re planning a trip in the car, a hard cooler may be the best choice.”


Common cooler bags3

Picnic bag

When the weather gets warmer, the picnic bag will be taken out of the winter storage room. At the picnic, paired with classic chicken salad, biscuits, fruit and lovely white wine, it is a bit like a crystal ball falling in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. It marks the beginning of a very special season.

But whether you are taking friends to a picnic in the park, your whole family having a picnic at a concert, or just wanting a special person to have a sunset picnic on the top of the mountain, you need the right equipment to complete the best picnic. It all started with the best picnic basket.

Of course, you can put everything in a reusable food bag, and then take out a large glass of cold drinks and refrigerated food. But when you can put everything you need (tableware, plates, napkins, and even cutting boards) in a beautiful basket, why bother?

Lunch bag

Most insulated lunch bags have multiple layers of insulation. They usually have an outer layer, a lining, and an intermediate layer that provides insulation. The most important thing is the middle layer, without it, the lunch bag will not be better than your ordinary lunch box. Thermos and insulated lunch boxes rely on the vacuum formed between the outer layer and the inner layer to prevent energy dissipation, while insulated lunch bags keep food and beverages warm or cold due to the core layer made of dense foam. The thicker and denser the foam, the better the insulation effect. The foam layer prevents heat from penetrating into the outer layer and prevents the surrounding cold or heat from reaching the contents of the bag. You may notice that the outside of the insulated lunch bag will not become hot when it is filled with heated items, because the heat will not be lost to the surrounding environment. (The outer layer of most lunch bags is usually made of non-woven fabric, vinyl or thic fabric.) As an additional protective layer, many insulated lunch bags have an inner layer or lining made of foil, heavy vinyl or Made of waterproof and heat-reflective plastic. Therefore, compared with ordinary bags, the food inside can maintain its original temperature, flavor and moisture for a longer time.

If you want to keep your food warm or cold in an insulated lunch bag for a longer time, here are some tips:

*  put cold or heat source into the bag, for example, if the food is hot, put it into a heated gel bag / water bottle, or if the food needs to be refrigerated, put it into a frozen gel bag / water bottle / juice box.

*  Reheat food before packaging or pack refrigerated food directly from refrigerator or freezer into lunch bag.

*  Wrap food with aluminum foil to increase insulation; After that, you can wrap a tea towel around the food to further prevent heat loss.

*  Do not open the lunch bag before you need to actually eat food to prevent heat escaping from the bag.

*  Put your lunch bag in an air-conditioned place (if you want to refrigerate the contents, your car trunk is not the ideal place to put your lunch bag on a hot summer day)

*  Use the right size lunch bag according to your needs; Partially filled insulated containers are less effective than filled ones.

*  Separate hot items from cold items, even if some items are in the bag and some items are outside.

Wine carrier

You can use this product for a variety of purposes, from outdoor coffee tables, bar tables to beverage coolers. When choosing cooler, this kind of multifunction is definitely a big advantage. The idea of having a portable wine carrier may sound strange at first, but if you are a wine lover or a tourist, it will undoubtedly make your trip more enjoyable and exciting. Think about lying on the beach drinking to see how wonderful the waves are. The best part is that all your wines are kept cold, so you can enjoy the best wine.

This product can be used as an ideal gift for any occasion or event. If you have trouble thinking about what to buy for your lover, your friend or your colleague, then you don’t have to look elsewhere. This best portable wine cooler will surprise those who receive it.Portable wine cabinets are available in various sizes and can accommodate different quantities of bottles. Some coolers can hold two bottles, which means they are suitable for short trips, such as having fun in the pool, while others can hold up to nine bottles for long-distance travel.

When considering purchasing a portable wine carrier, you should consider how many bottles you need to store so that you can choose the wine carrier that best suits you.

About the classic type of these, others have not done a detailed understanding, please forgive me.


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